Dana McIntyre

Dana McIntyre is an illustrator based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds a BA with high distinction in Studio Art with an emphasis in illustration and minors in product design and entomology.

Dana tries to lose her sense of direction while illustrating. If she lets the pen explore the paper, she finds that the thickness of the lines and the level of detail tells the narrative. Through wandering strokes, she discovers texture and the contrast between repetition and spontaneity. Her goal is to allow a story to unfurl without knowing what the outcome will be. In many of her illustrations, she uses materials that reflect this goal: ink and watercolor. Ink is very rigid, permanent, and unforgiving by nature, but also allows for great detail. Watercolor, on the other hand, is fluid, unstructured and malleable—easy to alter, yet hard to control. Shapes and patters often inspire her work as well. Crisscrossing veins in insect wings, the lines that make up graph paper, and jagged edges of storm clouds all find their way into her illustrations. These patterns are frequently repeated throughout many different pieces, returning like familiar landmarks in an otherwise wild and changing landscape.